HOW we do NET?

We offer workshops, retreats and intervision in NET. From Beginnning to Advanced.
We collaborate, create and share resources.
We support one another against isolation, burnout and the systemic powers that be.
We fight to increase access to trauma-focused care by decentralizing the need.

1. Video Courses


Asynchronous learning at its finest? Or it’s better than nothing? Before joining a workshop, get an overview of what NET actually is. If you still want to know more, then sign up for the next workshop cohort.

2. Workshops

online / Offline

Holding the story and space of another person requires more than theory.

3.1 Cyberspace Workshops

Join an online international cohort. Connect with other practitioners who still care. Target your own blind spots. Practice the NET skills with live supervision from the comfort of your own home.

3.2 In person Workshops

Risk being reminded of high school awkwardness and learn NET in person with other misfits. All the benefits of mammalian co-regulating and none of the bothers of your cohabitants!


After your workshop, exchange expertise with others who still care!
No hierarchy around here (*supervision YAWN), we all sit at the round table and share our knowledge equally.

Become an ARIADNE!

Like Ariadne and the Labyrinth, we collect the evidence, connect the threads and create red lines for escaping the maze of trauma, violence and isolation. We interweave these red lines into red nets for holding perpetrating individuals and systems accountable.