Narrative Exposure Therapy Collective

of misfits

NET.Collect is a collective of trauma-focused supposed artisans who use narratives to neutralize violence.

"It takes one to know one."

ancient wisecrack

What on earth is NET.Collect?​

WHAT ... we do

We are a collective of naïve misfits who agree that true active listening might be important for solving the world's biggest problems.
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WHO ... are WE

Some of us can (still) read and think pretty well. Our hearts have not yet completely atrophied. Nevertheless, we are passionately curious and we continue to give a sh*t
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FAQ ?!

If you already feel comfortably uncomfortable here, you might be in the right place!
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NET Workshop

We come with a variety of professional and non-professional identities: counselors, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, birth workers, first responders, cultural workers, artists, activists, and general misfits.